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Oklahoma Basketball Fundraising Ideas – Donkey Ball

 Donkey BasketBall Fundraising ideas from Oklahoma

If you are looking for unique basket ball fundraisers then listen closely. We hope you enjoy these Oklahoma basketball fundraising Ideas – Donkey Ball!

This is wacky and probably will get a few chuckles too. Imagine everyone on the team while playing on donkeys!

Donkey Basketball fundraising Ideas

For the first time Indiahoma High School held a donkey basketball tournament as a fund raising event.

However, you might be wondering, what exactly is a donkey basketball fundraiser?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Donkey basketball is played on a standard gym basketball court, but the players ride donkeys.

How did this come about?

The local Lawton and Indiahoma Fire Departments and the Cache Volunteer Fire Department all got together for this fundraiser. They wanted to help out the local school gymnastics program.

Notice what Dakota Roseberry Cache Volunteer Fire Department had to say:

“It’s just a great organization and it gives the kids the chance to do a little more activities with the money coming in to support the athletic department.”

Were these successful Oklahoma basketball fundraising ideas?

They almost sold 300 tickets. If they got $10 a ticket you could see how profitable this could be. All of the proceeds went to the school’s athletic department.

Anything else you should know about donkey basket ball?

With animals on the gym floor there can be accidents on the floor. So, call a time- out to clean up quickly.

But of course when animals are involved, you never know what they are going to do or not do and certain accommodations have to be made.

At this event they put little booties on the donkeys hooves. So, you might want to do the same.

Finally, remember that donkeys have a mind of their own so be patient. They might even start bucking. Now you know why PETA says that donkey basketball may be cruel to the animals.

The organizers say the donkey basketball fundraiser was such a smashing success and had so much fun, they plan on holding it every year.

What else could you have done to raise more money?

In conclusion, are you interested on how to raise money to support your elementary school? Or are you looking to raise money for your basketball team? Try these proven elementary school fundraising ideas. Best of all you won’t need a donkey!

We are here to help you raise the most money.

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