Pep Squad Fundraising Ideas

Pep Squad Fundraising Ideas For Cheer

Cheer & Pep Squad Fundraising Ideas To Build Your Schools Spirit

If you are looking for cheer and pep squad fundraising ideas you have come to the right place!

Pep squads serve an important role in high schools, middle schools and even some elementary schools. We understand that the pep squad’s main duty is to promote school spirit. Our cheer fundraiser ideas are just what you are looking for.

What can pep squads raise money for?

Our school fundraisers are great for all kinds of sports programs.

For instance you can raise funds for:

  • Pep squad costumes. We understand those colorful dance costumes can get very expensive sometimes. Our brochure fundraisers can you raise cash for buying new pom-poms, skirts and tops in your school colors.
  • Pep squad competitions. It can expensive paying entry fees to enter competitions. Our free school fundraising events can help.
  • Travel expenses. You can use the money you raise to help pay for a bus to your next school event or competition.
  • Help school teams. These free brochures can also help you to raise money for the football team or basketball team too.

Promote the ol’ school spirit with these Pep Squad fundraiser activities

What can pep members do to help with their next school fundraising event?

  • Pick one of our amazing food fundraising catalogs like our cookie dough or gourmet popcorn brochures. The fundraising merchandise sells for only $10 or less. Furthermore, your pep squad can earn up to a 50% profit on each sale. On the other hand, you might want to try our holiday gift wrap fundraiser because it is a winner for many dance and cheer teams!
  • Pep squad members can make posters advertising the next pep fundraiser as well as your pep rallies for cheer and school team sports.
  • Hold a pep rally just to get the school excited about supporting the next fundraiser. Help all of the students and players on the team understand how teams work to raise money which can also build school spirit. Encourage the team captain to get the whole team behind this school event.
  • Additionally, you can make up a special cheer or chant for your fundraiser. Get your pep squad, cheerleading squad, and dance squad on board to support the school fundraiser.
  • Furthermore, ask your school band to play upbeat music in between dance routines. Make sure the drum line gets to play.
  • Finally, ask the school choir to sing the “The Star-Spangled Banner” as well as the school’s theme song to build the right school spirit for this event.

Learn more about our fundraisers for pep squads

In conclusion, we hope this was the information you were looking for.

Are you interested in reading even more ways for your pep squad to raise money? Try these 12 cheer fundraising ideas to raise funds for your school.

And finally, when you want help answering your questions, a fundraising pro is ready to help you find the best pep squad fundraising ideas for your school.