Pints for Pups – California Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

Pints for Pups – California Animal Shelter Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some good animal shelter fundraising ideas? Then you will enjoy reading this story on Pints For Pups. The High Sierra Animal Rescue and the Brewing Lair teamed up for some great California animal shelter fundraising ideas. The Brewing Lair donated $2.00 for every pint of beer sold during the 5 hour fundraiser. It is reported that people came from all over California & Nevada to support this good cause.

A joint venture to help animals that was made in heaven

The High Sierra Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter located in Portola, CA. What makes it different? It is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless adoptable dogs that can no longer be held at local county shelters. Since these animal lovers will not allow the dogs to be euthenized, they must find permanent homes for these pets.

As you can imagine, this gets very expensive very quickly. Think about the maintenance involved in taking care of an animal rescue facility. Then add in the cost of food & vet bills and you can see why non-profits like this need to raise funds to save the lives of animals.

The Brewing Lair of the Lost Sierra is a family and pet friendly place in the woods that brews delicious beer.

Imagine taking a walk with your kids in a meadow, picnicking or playing disc golf while sipping a cold beer.

Why did this California animal rescue fundraiser idea work so well?

This worked on many levels.

See how you can use this to help your animal shelter.

  1. First, it helped the Brewing Lair. It hand delivered new animal loving patrons from all over California that they wouldn’t have had access to.
  2. It was held in a kid friendly environment. The whole family got to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while helping a good cause. If this was held in a bar or tavern, the whole family could not attend.
  3. Both the HSAR & the Brewing Lair got very good publicity for their efforts. It resulted in the HSAR getting donations to help continue to find loving homes for all of those beautiful dogs.

How could you do something similar to raise money for your pet shelter?

Make it a habit to network with the business owners near your shelter. It would also be a good idea to ask the people that either adopt or donate if they own a business.

If they are donating or helping already, they may be more open to setting up a fundraising effort to help your cause.

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Feel free to look at our fundraising catalogs or call and ask how fundraisingzone.com can help raise money to support your shelter.