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School Chorus Fundraising Ideas From NY

Just Suppose You Want To Raise Money For Your School Chorus…

What would you do? Pay close attention to these high school chorus fundraising ideas from New York. These school students found a way to get paid money for doing what they love most… SINGING!

The Canton Goldenaires Chorus sing barbershop style music. Three Goldenaires’ quartets raised almost $1,600 this year. How did they do it? it is because they delivered 50 “singing valentines” this past Valentine’s Day.

THINK about this. Every Valentine’s Day men all over the world are looking for ways to show the women in their life how they truly feel about them. They are already spending millions of dollars on chocolates and beautiful roses. Why not pay for an old-fashioned barbershop quartet to sing a romantic ballad or two?

How can you use these school chorus fundraising ideas from New York?

Think outside of the box because you can use these suggestions whether you sing barbershop style or not. In other words, no matter what style of chorus you have, your choral group can find romantic songs to sing, can’t they?

So, let’s do the math together, shall we?

$1600 divided by 50 “singing valentines” = $32 for each song.

Just suppose you charged $29 for a personally delivered love song. Do you think a man trying to impress a women would donate $29 for your chorus fundraiser? In a heartbeat!

In fact, they are dropping up to $50 for a dozen roses alone. Everyone sends candy and flowers. This February 14, your high school chorus can offer something different like singing telegrams.

Additional chorus fundraiser ideas

Don’t get stuck on using this only for Valentines day alone. So, look at your calendar ands start brainstorming. There are plenty of holidays to provide your mobile singing service fundraiser. You can also contact local businesses and offer this service for executive’s wedding anniversary dates. Furthermore, you can charge a premium for these.

Finally, if you would like some more chorus or choir fundraiser ideas, then we have a few ideas to share with you.

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