Candy Fundraisers For Schools

easy elementary school fundraising ideas sell candy

Easy elementary school fundraisers selling candy!

candy fundraiser for your school Are you ready to try a few easy elementary school fundraising ideas?

We are certainly glad to hear you are! Elementary PTA’s all over the country are trying these easy school fund raisers. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and let’s get to work.

Easy candy fund raisers to raise money for your elementary students.

For decades students across the nation have an annual candy fundraising event. If you have not tried this yet, you are certainly missing out on a fun, profitable, and easy way to raise money for your programs, clubs and boosters.

So, how does this easy school fundraiser selling candy work?

The good news is that you don’t have to figure this out alone.

Perhaps, you have tried candy fundraisers and they did not work out the way that you wanted them to.

Here at fundraising zone we have simplified the process.

  • We send you candy brochures for every child in your classroom.
  • You get free mailing envelopes.
  • Additionally, your PTO gets free parent letters to advertise your candy fundraiser.
  • By the way, your elementary school can qualify for free shipping for your fund raising merchandise.
  • We also have a wonderful prize incentive program to help your kids sell more candy.
  • Finally, we promise to give you all of the fund raiser coaching you need to make your candy fundraiser successful.

Chocolate candy makes the perfect PTA fund raising event for school

Why chocolates? Lets face it… Most people love chocolate. They think about it and many dream about it! So why would you sell any other kind of candy?

Better than Lollipops – easy elementary school fundraising ideas

Sure people like lollipops, suckers, pretzel rods and candy bars. But be honest for a moment. If you had the choice between lollipops, suckers, peanut bars  or CHOCOLATES— What would you chose?
Hands down most people would go for the chocolates over any other snacks or candy!
Furthermore, most candy sellers require you lay the money out up front to buy your candies in bulk. You would have to buy your lollipops, bars, and pretzel rods PER CASE. That gets expensive because you have to have to lay the money out up front.
On the other hand, here at FZ there are no upfront cost to your PTA. This is a big deal for parents and teachers because it is a cost free candy program. That means no risk for your  PTA.

What kind of candy is in our fundraisers brochure?

easy candy sale for your school There are all kinds of irresistible chocolaty favorites including dark chocolate caramel bites, chocolate mint patties, and milk chocolate coconut almond treasures. There’s something for everyone in this easy school fundraiser!

How much money can you earn with these easy candy fundraising ideas?

How does up to 50% profit on every single sale sound to you?

The more candy your students sell, the more money your elementary school earns.

What if people don’t want to buy candy?

That is perfectly OK.

In fact, one of the best things about our winter fund raising brochure is that it not only has candy, but it has all different kinds of nuts as well.

Furthermore, this winter catalog is filled with beautiful gift wrapping paper and affordable gifts for mom too.

Can you see why this is one of our easiest elementary fundraisers?

How to order your free brochures to sell our products

Do you have any questions on what we talked about so far?

We promise it really is easy to do this.

See for yourself what some of our happy elementary PTA’s have had to say about this easy fund raiser.

When you are ready, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

We look forward to your call and promise to share some of our easy elementary school fund raising ideas with you! Before you know it you will be getting your free candy catalogs in the mail!