9 Easy Quick Ways To Raise Money For School

Quick fundraising ideas

Quick Fundraising Ideas – 9 Great Options

We understand that you are looking for a list of school fundraisers.

These are some of our best, quick and easy ways to raise money for school. In fact, many of these school fundraising ideas require no selling at all.

Here we go!

9 Great Ways to Raise Funds for Your School

We broke these unique school fundraisers down by school type. Feel free to mix and match these for best results.

You will enjoy the many helpful fundraising tips we have to offer to local PTO’s and PTA’s.

High School Fundraising Ideas

We love to find new high school fundraising ideas for teen age students.

Many of these high school students are involved with team sports and after school programs that have suffered because of budget cuts. This means students will see the reason why they need to get involved in fundraising to help their programs.

Here is a list of some of our top rated fundraising ideas for high schools.


Everybody enjoys a salty snack like popcorn. In fact, whether you are watching a movie, just hanging out with friends, or cheering at your high school football game, popcorn is often the snack of choice.

Our $7.00 popcorn fundraiser is a great way to supply tasty snacks for friends and family while supporting your school program needs. You can make this a competition and offer free prizes for the class that sells the most popcorn.

Did you know that you can earn up to 50% profit for your school by doing this?

Count the Jellybeans

Fill a big jar with jelly beans.

Everyone gets to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar for a $1.00 a guess. Whoever gets the closest wins all of the candy.

Place this in a clearly visible area that students walk by repeatedly. This will encourage people to take multiple guesses. You can set up a facebook page and list all of the entries by name.

This is a real winner because it will appeal to everyone with a sweet tooth. For just a buck they can win the contest.

In fact you might consider doing this several times a year. Your school wins because all of these little dollar bills add up quickly.

Battle of the Bands

This is a fun way for all of the students in school that play in bands to join a friendly competition. Invite all the bands to play in your auditorium. Coordinate the program ahead of time to give the bands time to sign up and get plenty of practice. You can charge a small entrance fee for every student that attends.

Consider selling food and drinks for additional revenue.

Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Here is a list of proven fundraising ideas that have worked for junior high schools and middle schools across the nation.

Cookie Dough

Our easy cookie dough fundraising ideas will help your middle school raise money quickly.

Nothing beats the smell of fresh cookies in the oven. Our cookie dough catalogs will help you earn up to 50% on each order. Raising money never tasted so good!

Gift Wrapping paper

Lots of people loved the Sally Foster Gift wrap fundraiser when they were around.

Our wrapping paper fundraising catalog helps schools earn up to 50% on each order.

What is great about these fundraisers is that when the holiday season comes, people are going to spend money on wrapping paper.  This fundraiser provides a needed service for your customers while helping your school at the same time..

Gift-Wrapping Services

This works hand in hand with your gift wrap fundraiser. Every customer is now a prospect for this additional service.

Lets face it… people are busy. Instead of stressing out and wrapping gifts at the last minute, you can now offer to do this for a small donation.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

We know that your grade school needs to raise money for important things like supplies, books and computers. Our 50 years of experience mean that you get the best elementary school fundraising ideas that work.

Candy Sales

Looking for candy fundraising catalogs?

Our Candy fundraisers have been popular for over 50 years because they still work.

Your grade school students will get excited about all of the prizes they could win while raising funds for your school. You will enjoy earning up to 50% on each candy sale.

Scavenger Hunts

This is a great activity for all grade school students & their families.

First create a list of clues that relates to a central theme. You might want to make it about something the students are learning about in class. Make sure that the winner wins an awesome prize.

Finally, charge a small entrance fee for each contestant.

Recycle Drive

Get your students and their families excited about helping the environment.

Set up a drop-off location for everyone to bring their empty cans & bottles. Tell them to rinse them out beforehand to prevent uninvited pests like ants.

This is a great opportunity to get your whole community involved in saving the planet.

Ask local stores & restaurants if they would like to contribute empty cans and bottles to your cause.

Contact a school fundraising expert at 1-800-645-6550 to begin using some of our quick and easy ways to raise money for your school today.