Easy Public Library Fundraising Events


Easy Public Library Fundraising Ideas For Events

Looking for easy library fundraisers? A library is one of the most beloved places to visit in any community. Mothers bring their toddlers here for their first introduction to picture books. Teenagers find the library a quiet place to do their homework and meet friends after school. Librarians know they must try to make the library an even more attractive place for the entire community. This is why they plan activities that they know will please people of all ages and backgrounds. Library events may include a weekly board game night and talks from local authors about their latest work. It takes money to make all of this happen, doesn’t it? This is where our easy public library fundraising ideas as well as our school library fundraiser ideas come in handy.

Set Easy Library Fundraising Goals

In order to fully serve all the needs of the members of the community, many librarians engage in fundraising activities. Fundraising allows them to buy new books, provide services for job seekers and update their computers. Librarians realize they must be inventive and creative in order to bring in additional funds and keep patrons happy. The following fundraising ideas for libraries can help you to raise the money you need.

An Easy Library Fair

One of the most popular ways to raise funds today is by holding a book festival and a Library Fair. Holding a Library Fair is easier than ever. A Library Fair is a great way to welcome every one to the library, even those who have never been there before. While a Library Fair involves a great deal of advance planning, fortunately there are many resources that librarians can tap into. Working with a company such as Fundraisingzone.com means access to thoughtful fundraising tools. They offer all kinds of popular programs that can help your library fund book fairs and other financial obligations. This is a great public library fundraising idea to try.

Easy Indoor Book Sales

Ask patrons to donate books to be sold at your local library. This is also great place to set up a table selling snacks and drinks for a small fee. Sort books into categories such as fiction and non-fiction. Librarians can charge more for hardcovers and recent releases. Librarians can further sort books into categories such as travel and cookbooks. These are definitely wonderful public library fundraising ideas to try.

Easy Outdoor Activities

Many libraries have an outdoor area they can use. So, librarians can also hold outdoor events during the fair. You can use popular books to find ideas for a book fair theme. For example, kids and parents can:

  • Follow Alice from Alice in Wonderland as they have a tea party.
  • Play croquet.
  • Throw basketballs at the Queen of Hearts
  • Invite kids and adults to dress as their favorite literary characters to add even more fun.

Why not use your imagination and try these public fundraising ideas today?

Spread the Word

Holding the Library Fair is best done on a weekend to allow many people to participate. Spread the word about the fair with fliers, posters and social media. Keep a stack on hand to give to patrons when they check out books. Contact local area schools. Many school administrators are happy to tell parents about a library event that kids and parents can truly enjoy.

Want to learn more about our public library fundraising ideas? Contact us for a free consultation. We have many profitable ideas to help your public library raise the most money.