Online School Fundraising Ideas

Online School Fundraising Ideas

Learn About Online School Fundraising Ideas that are Successful 

Here at Fundraising Zone, we believe in combining traditional old-school fundraiser ideas with modern online methods. This combination is a sure fire winner. We have seen it over and over again with our most successful clients.

By the way, if you were wondering…. YES, these suggestions will work for elementary,  middle and high schools as well. We hope you benefit from some of these proven online school fundraising ideas.

Why should you try online school fundraising?

Did you know that recently, one resource reported that nearly 9 out of 10 adults are now online? The research also shows that nearly 77% of all adults have smartphones, and almost 7 out of 10 are using social media.

So what does that mean for your school?

It is time to embrace online fundraising for schools. Failure to do so means that you are leaving money on the table and you can’t afford to do that, can you?

Start planning now for online fundraisers for school 

Start planning today for your next event. Who can you get to volunteer to help? The more the merrier!

Ask your staff for an idea for your next groups event

Brainstorm every idea you think would be fun to try. Get every volunteer involved. The more involvement you can get from the parents and students the better. Have your PTA set up a digital survey or poll for people to vote on the best idea.

Need a good idea to get started? Try our cookie $10 dough fundraising or $8 gourmet popcorn brochure. You can earn up to 50% on every sale you make virtually. Your school gets a digital copy of the catalog you can send friends and family so they can support your cause.

Create sell a thons to sell even more products. For instance popcorn thons are great for schools. Finally, there is a prize incentive rewards program to help the students sell more items during your sell-a-thons.

Pick a fundraising day for your school event

Hold a kickoff meeting to prepare your students and volunteers to rallyup for your big day.

What is the best way to get a donation for your school?

Ask! There is no secret here 🙂

You will miss 100% of the donations you don’t ask for. Simply put… If you don’t ask— you will never receive the donation.

So text, call, email and zoom your way to online fundraising success.

Virtual fundraising ideas

In this Post Covid world you need to find a way to raise money and still respect social distancing. There are may ways for schools to do this by using their imagination.

Use zoom, whatsapp and facetime to tell your friends and family about your campaign and why you are raising money for school.

If you are selling snacks, cookie dough, popcorn or wrapping paper you can even show them the catalog online.

How many of these Online School Fundraising Ideas tips are you willing to try?

Anytime a PTA tries something new, there might be some backlash at first.

After all, nobody wants to make a mistake and look foolish, right? However, these proven online fundraisers for schools work. We encourage you to look at them and see how they might benefit your students.

Start an event using these top crowdfunding principles

What is crowdfunding? Simply put, it means getting as many people as you can to contribute and donate to your cause. The idea is that a crowd of people giving a few dollars each can make BIG things happen at your school.

Peer to Peer fundraising at school

Everyone has a list of people they know. This includes friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. So peer to peer fundraisers engage this list of contacts you know already.

In turn, each of these people know people you don’t know. So can you see the potential here?

What if you made this a contest and rewarded the students that raise the most money?

Discover how matching gifts from donors can double your donations.

Matching gifts for

Facebook fundraising for school— Digital donations at its best

Facebook is a great place to use for online fundraisers.

First of all, you can build out a page for your school, parent teachers association or PTO, if you haven’t done so yet. Then you can show pictures from your last fundraiser. Mention people by name so they will interact with the photo. You can do this by typing @ and then start typing their name. A drop-down menu should appear. Simply click on the name you want to tag. Keep your friends posted about your fundraiser and let them know how they can help.

Instagram fundraising for school

Instagram is the photo sharing app of choice for many young people.

You can post photos of your fundraising event. Remember to include links for people to access more information about your elementary school fundraiser. Instagram videos are also a great tool to use to get your friends excited about your event.

You might be wondering if this is expensive to do? Actually, you can set up an account for your school or PTO for zero cost.

Encourage people to post Gifs and memes talking about your school event. Make it a contest to see who can make their video or photo go viral.

Email fundraising for your schools PTO

Build a list of past supporters and donors to your school. Include them in all of your future plans. You can use email in conjunction to your facebook and instagram efforts by inviting people to join and follow you there.

While many people use social media, the facts are that 25% are not using it. So we encourage you to use email to keep them in the loop.

So here is the million dollar question…

Are you currently keeping a database of your supporters and customers for you to contact about your next event?

PTA fundraising to get your students involved with Online School Fundraising Ideas

Here are a few virtual events for schools. Just one idea can make a difference for your elementary, middle school or high school.

How to get Amazon to send your school money

Set up a Amazon fundraising page. It won’t cost you anything to do this. Then get the word out about your school earning a percentage of all sales generated online. This is an simple way for schools to raise money on the internet. This is especially true during a quarantine because people are stuck at home and surfing the web looking for stuff to buy.

Your school could be earning a small percentage of profit for all of those purchases in your local community! This is a great idea for virtual fundraising! Imagine raising funds while other people go shopping for the items and products they want to purchase.

Local businesses want to help your fundraising event

The store merchants in your community are struggling. Many are closing their doors due to the lack of business. These merchants would love to pay you money to bring them extra customers.

Could you team up with them and create a digital flyer or coupon that you could send out to your customers? Imagine getting paid helping local businesses and merchants! There many rewards that come to those that help others in their community. You will also be helping to save jobs while rebuilding the local economy.

Another way to do this is to host an outdoor party at a restaurant with outdoor seating. There are restaurant owners that would gladly pay your school to bring them new customers. This is all extra business they never would have had without your schools help.

You can event host a virtual party on zoom. Have everyone pick up their food at the restaurant and then join the party using the zoom breakout rooms.


Website fundraising landing pages for your school

Did you know that we can custom create a flier for your school fundraiser? You can then put this on your website online.

This works perfect for a magazine fundraiser. In fact, it works great with any of our online fund raising catalogs. Simply take the URL link and then share it on facebook, instagram and emails.  Your webmaster can help you with this easily.

Show gratitude to raise even more money fundraising next year

Thank your donors, staff, volunteers, parents and students.

Remember, nothing could have been possible without their help and support. So be sure to thank them! And if you want to do this again next year you will need their help again.

Gratitude works.

Now, one of the biggest on-line fundraising mistakes some schools make is that they forget about using traditional catalog fundraisers. Please don’t make this same mistake.

The best way to win the money-raising game for schools is by combining them both.

We hope you found these top online school fundraiser ideas helpful.

Please reach out to us to show you how easily this can work for your school.

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