Online School Fundraising Ideas

Online School Fundraising Ideas

Online School Fundraising Ideas

Here at, we believe in combining traditional old school fundraising ideas with modern online methods. This combination is a sure fire winner. We have seen it over and over again with our most successful clients.

By the way, if you were wondering…. YES, these suggestions will work for elementary,  middle and high schools as well. We hope you benefit from some of these proven online school fundraising ideas.

Why should you try an online school fundraiser?

Did you know that recently, one resource reported that nearly 9 out of 10 adults are now online? The research also shows that nearly 77% of all adults have smartphones, and almost 7 out of 10 are using social media.

So what does that mean for your school?

It is time to embrace online fundraising for schools. Failure to do so means that you are leaving money on the table and you can’t afford to do that, can you?

How many of these online school fundraising ideas are you willing to try?

Anytime a PTA tries something new, there might be some backlash at first.

After all, nobody wants to make a mistake and look foolish, right? However, these proven online fundraising ideas for schools work. We encourage you to look at them and see how they might benefit your students.

Facebook fundraisers

Facebook is a great place to use for online fundraising.

First of all, you can build out a page for your school, PTA or PTO, if you haven’t done so yet. Then you can show pictures from your last fundraiser. Mention people by name so they will interact with the photo. You can do this by typing @ and then start typing their name. A drop-down menu should appear. Simply click on the name you want to tag. Keep your friends posted about your fundraiser and let them know how they can help.

Instagram fundraising

Instagram is the photo sharing app of choice for many young people.

You can post photos of your fundraising event. Remember to include links for people to learn more about your elementary school fundraiser. Instagram videos are also a great tool to use to get your friends excited about your event.

You might be wondering if this is expensive to do? Actually, you can set up an account for your school or PTA for FREE.

Email fundraising

Build a list of past supporters and donors to your school. Include them in all of your future plans. You can use email in conjunction to your facebook and instagram efforts by inviting people to join and follow you there.

While many people use social media, the facts are that 25% are not using it. So we encourage you to use email to keep them in the loop.

Website landing pages

Did you know that we can custom create a flier for your school fundraiser? You can then put this on your website online.

This works perfect for a magazine fundraiser. In fact, it works great with any of our online fundraising catalogs. Simply take the URL link and then share it on facebook, instagram and emails.  Your webmaster can help you with this easily.

There you have it ! 4 easy online fundraising ideas for schools.

Now, one of the biggest online fundraising mistakes some schools make is that they forget about using traditional catalog fundraisers. Please don’t make this same mistake.

The best way to win the money-raising game for schools is by combining them both.

We hope you found these easy online school fundraiser ideas helpful.

Please reach out to us to show you how easily this can work for your school.

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