Easy School Fundraising Ideas

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Best Private School Fundraising Ideas – 50% Profit!

Who else is looking for private school fundraising ideas. Whereas public schools are state government funded, private schools are not. Since non-state schools don’t benefit from taxation, they are entirely funded by tuition and donations. That means private schools, religious schools, Catholic schools and independent schools need to rely on holding a school fundraiser.

Private education here in the United States runs from grades K-12. Some of these specialized educational facilities are tutoring schools, boarding schools, and special schools for handicapped children. By the way, our fundraisers work for religious institutions like Jewish schools, Catholic schools, Muslim schools, as well as all kinds of non-religious alternative schools too.

We hope you fund our best private school fundraising ideas helpful to you.

Easy private school fundraiser ideas that make the most money.

We are determined to help your school raise the most money possible. In fact, we have school fundraising programs for every educational facility out there.

How does this work?

Actually, it is much easier than you might think. Why do we say this? It is because your friends and family are buying things they love to eat at the grocery store each week. Our brochures contain fundraising merchandise that people ENJOY buying. The fact is that they will buy these fundraising items whether your school sells them or not.

Don’t believe us?

Please answer this quick question. When you went shopping this week for yourself and family, did you buy coffee, cookies or snacks like popcorn, candy or trail mix? If you are like most Americans, the answer is YES.

How can you use this simple truth to raise money for your private school?

Try this simple private school fundraising program.

We have helped educators to find the best school fundraisers for over 50 years. We offer a free coaching call for teachers and parents to pick the best private school fundraiser for your organization.

What is the best private fundraising product for your school?

Some schools have done well with our winter fundraising catalog because people need to buy gifts and wrapping paper for the holiday season. That makes sense, doesn’t it? You can learn more about our best winter fundraising ideas.

Others have done well using our best popcorn fundraiser for schools. Imagine your friends and family getting hungry while looking at your gourmet popcorn catalog. Your customers will be glad to only pay $7 to help support your school.

Another popular fundraising event is selling cookie dough. What does the aroma of fresh baked cookies smell like? Mmmm Good! We have plenty of easy cookie dough fundraising ideas to ensure your success.

How much do you want to earn?

You want to make the most money, right?

  • Your private school can earn up to 52% on every sale.
  • PLUS you get free shipping when you meet the minimum order. This means you get to keep more money in your pocket.
  • No upfront costs. This means you only pay for what you sell.

Can you see how this risk-free program can help your school earn more money?

Where do we go from here?

That is totally up to you.

However, we do offer a free introductory coaching call where we can determine why you are looking for fundraising ideas. Do you represent an elementary school, middle school or a high school fundraising committee? Then we will share some of our best private school fundraising ideas with you.

We look forward to learning all about your organization!