PTA Fundraising Ideas

PTA Fundraising Ideas

List of the 12 Best PTA Fundraisers

Hundreds of teachers and parents search for PTA fundraising ideas on the internet each month. Because of this, we wanted to create a resource for parent and teacher associations all over the country. The national Parent Teachers Association Organization is devoted to help students get the best all around education possible. We believe our school PTA fundraising tips, suggestions and programs can help get students and their parents involved.

Hi Parents! — We have the Best PTA Fundraisers

School fundraising is serious business for PTAs. However, we believe it can also be a lot of fun when planned right. So here we go:

PTA fundraising ideas with our Poppin Popcorn program#1- How to sell fun snacks like a popcorn for PTA’s just like yours

Sure you could do this yourself. However, you’ll find it to be a lot of work.

You will need staff volunteers to help organize, equipment, and popcorn bags. It tends to be messy and not as easy as it looks. Plus, how much are people willing to pay for PLAIN popcorn? Not more than a $1 or $2. There is not much of an earning potential here, is there?

On the other hand, PTA members love our gourmet popcorn brochures because all the work is done for them.

  • No mess making chocolate drizzled popcorn!
  • Your Parent Teachers Association has the potential to earn up to $4 per bag.
  • Plenty of delicious flavors to choose from.
  • How much does it cost? Retails for only $8.
  • You get popcorn brochures for each member of your team.
  • Finally, you receive all the free coaching you require to succeed.
  • TIP: This pta fundraising idea works great for receiving the funds needed while building awareness for your favorite charity too.

Please notice how the following programs can be combined with any of our snack brochures.

Matching gifts

#2- What are some school fundraiser ideas using the matching gift mindset?

Just suppose you could find a business in your neighborhood that was willing to donate a matching gift for every bag of popcorn or tub of cookie dough you sold? Your PTA would double your profits just like that!

So you may wonder why a business in your community would want to support a “double the donation” events like this? Because of lots of publicity and new customers!

You can also make it a public challenge to match donations. Call the local news station and get them some publicity. Additionally, make it a game to see how many bags of popcorn or tubs of cookie dough you can sell. And finally you may want to keep score and award prizes to the kids that sell the most.

10.00 POPCORN brochure earns you up to 50% profit#3- How can we use a crowdfunding campaign for selling popcorn?

Here are more PTA fundraising ideas using our popular popcorn brochure.

So, what do you say when people say… “I don’t eat popcorn”?

Tell them about your crowdfunding to provide snacks for others.

For instance, you can donate to send popcorn to:

  • The soldiers overseas that are away from their families.
  • Vets in nearby hospitals.
  • The elderly in community senior homes near you.

Or you can simply tell them, “I understand you don’t want this for yourself. However, many people like to sponsor a snack for someone else in need. Would you like to help?”

What do you say when they say they don’t have $8 to give? This is where the crowd sourcing trick comes in. Tell them they can give anything they would like…

  • $1
  • $2
  • $5
  • Even spare change.

Your contribution will go towards buying a treat for someone in need. Help your neighbors feel good about donating their spare change with this PTA fundraising idea.

Have an auction!#4- What are some auction tips to sell more popcorn?

This is a fun twist to try out when combining the event and campaign tips we share. You can either purchase something to auction off, or ask somebody to donate something for a good cause at your school PTA.

A fun twist on adding auctions to your PTA fundraiser campaign

Instead of auctioning with dollars, you can auction with gourmet popcorn bags. For example, the auctioneer can say, “How many popcorn bags do I hear for this lovely __________?” The idea is to create an auction frenzy up and sell even more popcorn.

Are you looking for a fun event for your next campaign? Then keep reading because next we will share some fun things for parents and students to enjoy together.

Additional Fundraising ideas For PTA’s

Can you put on a Bingo night? #5- How can a school fundraising bingo night help us raise money?

Bingo nights are a great way for raising money while having a great time. Bingo nights include bingo, raffles, and can even include our $8 gourmet popcorn.

To earn additional funds, you can charge a small entry fee. Or you can charge a fee for each game. Finally, you can also sell refreshments and snacks.

Fall fun festival ideas#6- What are some tips for a fall festival fundraiser or spring flings?

On the other hand, Fall festivals and Spring flings are events that the school can holds Both events include games such as ring tosses, soccer, bowling. Since the fall festival is in the fall, you can have Halloween games. And since the spring fling is in the spring, you can have more flowers and bright colors.

You can get good suggestions by thinking about how a carnival or county fair works.  Charging an admission  to your donors is up to you. If you don’t charge an entry fee or registration, you can sell tickets for every game you have instead. Furthermore, you can also sell food and refreshments with concession stands. This has a great earning potential.

Raffle ticket sales for school#7 How can we use raffles for our next campaign?

Raffles can also be a part of both of these events. People give donations for the raffle tickets and the money from the tickets can go to the school or a certain charity. You can sell tickets for a modest price. Some schools sell raffle tickets for anywhere from $1 – $5 each. A raffle drive allows every member of your tribe to benefit your nonprofit.

Bake sale Fundraisers

#8- What are some tips for a Parent Teacher Association bake sale drive?

At bake sales, the parents earn funds by selling baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. Bake sales are also a great place to sell cookie dough.  

Create a baking delivery membership program. With a donation of a certain amount you can deliver fresh goodies to each of your donating members.

Furthermore, the PTA parents can also bake the cookies from the cookie dough in our catalogs for the bake sale. If  people really like them, they can buy them for their own home. This way people can bake their own cookies at home for $10 a tub. With a little bit of effort you can get up to $5 a tub sold. These are just a couple of ways to earn money for your students.

Picnic ideas - But don't invite the ants!#9- What about picnics for schools?

A good old fashioned picnic is a great way to get donations for the kids. Food, fun and raising funds! Plenty of fresh air, games and getting together for a good cause.

School picnics are great to have in the spring, early summer, or even in the fall before it gets too cold. 

#10- What are some ways to use scavenger hunts?

A group scavenger hunt or treasure hunt can be a fun way to grow funds for the children.

You can do scavenger hunts in many ways:

  • Friends forming their own team.
  • Class against class.
  • Family teams.
  • Boys versus girls

You can also do it with an old fashioned treasure map with clues or a modern GPS system. Charge an entry fee per participant or by team.

You can also find imaginative ways to get local businesses to sponsor you. For instance, you can put a business on the map. Additionally, they may have to go into a store to take a photo or find a clue. A  small business would be happy to get this free publicity and be introduced to new costumers.

#11- Which Halloween night event will you try?

Here are just a few ways to get your imagination working.

  • Costume party
  • Costume competition
  • Haunted house
  • Scary movie night with a grab bag for everyone.
  • Halloween themed bake sale goodies and candy sale.

#12- What are some student art show tips?

You can do this in many ways. You can auction off student art to the highest bidder. Additionally, you can create student artistic activities that the students might pay for.

    • Go to the zoo or park to draw scenery.
    • Take a pottery class at a local potter’s workshop.
    • Bring in an artist that will teach new kinds of arts the students have never tried before.

What about a Thon, Shoe Drive or Sites like Fundly?

Each of these can help you earn donations and they work to compliment our catalogs and brochures to help you sell snacks. Many of our PTA customers have tried doing a thon, a shoe drive collecting shoes or crowdfunding campaign websites like fundly before. Yet they come back to FZ year after year.


Contact us for a quick coaching call to see the difference for yourself. Lets pick the perfect pta fundraising idea for your parents and teachers.

Bonus tip: Did you know you could buy our gourmet popcorn in bulk for your parent teacher fundraisers.

Yes! Your Parent Teacher Organization gets wholesale pricing on gourmet popcorn when you purchase it in advance. This is an excellent snack you can sell on bingo night, fall festivals, and spring flings.

FREE fundraiser resources to help you get the next donation

In conclusion, has 50 years of experience helping schools, parents and teachers raise money for students. We understand how much work goes into getting teachers, staff, volunteers, students, kids and to ask parents for help. We have the top resources to help you reach out to your local community. Best of all their are no up front fees for your nonprofit organization. We remove the difficulty normally associated with raising money at school. As you can see our PTO programs pair well with traditional options like crowdfunding, matching gift and peer to peer. Now all you have to do is ask us to help.

Because we want to help.

When you call to ask your questions, we will share powerful PTA fundraising ideas for you to go back and share with your board.

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