PTA Fundraising


PTA Fundraising – Raise Funds Today

The Parent Teacher Association is a huge and influential nationwide organization with state and local connections throughout the country. The  PTA or Parent Teacher Association  is a superb way to raise funds / money for your school and to raise awareness about certain causes.  PTA fundraising is important to the needs of children.

Like any organization your PTA has to have a provider for another form of fundraising. For example, at our  website has countless choices of fundraising items. One of the items are the $10 boxes of cookie dough. These boxes of cookie dough profit up to 50% and they come pre-portioned or in tubs. You can sell these cookies while at PTA fundraisers or events.  You can sell while people are walking into events such as a bingo night. The PTA can also sell school teachers. Teachers will gladly buy a box of cookie dough if it means helping the school earn money. Don’t forget to tell people that when they buy the cookies they are helping the school or helping a certain cause.

Here are some common PTA fundraisers

Some ideas for fundraising are Bingo nights, spring flings, fall festivals, raffles, bake sales, (etc.).  Bingo nights are a great way to make money and have a great time. Bingo nights include bingo, raffles and they can even include our $10 tub or pre-portioned pack of cookie dough. To make money the bingo night can include a $5 fee. Fall festivals and spring flings are events that the school holds. Both events include games such as ring toss, soccer, bowling. Since the fall festival is in the fall  you can have Halloween games and the spring fling is in the spring you can have more flowers and bright colors.

Raffles can also be a part of both of these events. People pay money for the raffle tickets and the money from the tickets can go to the school or a certain cause. At bake sales the PTA makes money by selling baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, (etc). Bake sales are a great place to sell the cookie dough. This way people can make their own cookies at home with a $10 a tub. The PTA can also make these fundraiser cookies for the bake sale. If  people really like them then they can buy them for their own home. These are just a couple of ways to make money for the PTA.