School Fundraisers

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School Fundraisers

All schools need funds for sports teams, booster clubs, classes, staff salaries, and keeping the school in good financial shape. This is a task that brings the community together to better the quality of life for local schools.

There are many school fundraisers that bring in tons of funds, in fact my school does a couple a year. A great fundraiser that is effective and fun is a community barbecue. Hosting a community barbecue will not only interest students and their families to come but other families in the village as well. It allows for the community to have some fun while helping the school raise more money. You could have many things at this barbecue. You could have a scavenger hunt, raffles, and to make even more money sell some products from

The products sold on are guaranteed crowd-pleasers and is sure to make great profits. Products include Gourmet Popcorn, Proportioned Cookie Dough.

The Importance of School Fundraisers

Of course there will be some preparation needed to pull off a successful event like this, the first thing you will need to decide is a location. This might be tough because you are going to need a big area. Maybe the high school playing field or the elementary school blacktop. Wherever you choice it will need to have a place to barbecue, fit a lot of people and hold many tables for the sale and raffles. For the setup you are going to need a few tables and a barbecue so that you can give food to people. You are also going to need some other tables set up for the raffle prizes and ticket sales. Lastly you will need some tables to sell products from

You will also need to decide what the entrance fee is going to be. I recommend anywhere from $7-$15. Keep in mind that this money will need to cover the cost of the food used at the barbecue and still allow for a fair profit. I also recommend getting a speaker so there will be some music and preparing a scavenger hunt to keep people busy. You can also decorate if you would like. After this you will need to find some volunteers to help out. You can ask teachers and pat parents. I’m sure some would love to help out. Once all of this has been decided you will need to pick a good date for this event. Definitely don’t host a barbecue in the winter or even fall. An appropriate time for an event like this would be the spring. A good day for this would either be a Friday night or Saturday night, never a weekday. After this is done you have you Community Barbecue planned out.

Advertise my School Fundraiser

There is one last thing that you will need to do, advertise the event. Who do you think is going to show up if they don’t know it’s happening? While letting people know you should include that there will be raffles, a sale of products from and a scavenger hunt. There are many ways to spread the word. The schools can make announcements about the event and hang flyers around the school. You can also hang up posters around town and maybe even get the word out in a local newspaper. Once all of this is done you will have an entertaining and profitable night for both you and the community to enjoy!!

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