Top Three Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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Top Three School Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Even though many schools have operating budgets that allow them to do various things throughout the school year, not all of them receive enough funds to help their students. Whether funds need to be raised for books, uniforms, new desks, computers, athletic equipment, class trips or other events; it is always smart to have good fundraising ideas for schools on hand to put into action.  We offer a variety of school fundraising options.

Sell Gift Cards to Local Grocery Stores

A popular fundraising effort these days involves the sale of gift cards from local grocery stores. Your group will be able to purchase the gift cards at a discounted rate and then sell them to community members at the full price. Those who purchase the gift cards can then use them at the store(s) named on the cards. The cards will have a monetary value on them and will be activated once you purchase them at the discounted rate. This fundraiser is perfect for school marching bands, drama clubs, art clubs, sports teams and more.

Brochure Fundraising for Your School

Another option to raise money for your school or school group is brochure fundraising. Brochure fundraising has become increasingly popular and quite easy to setup. Brochures can be created for almost any fundraising need, including cookie sales, gift card sales, candy sales, gifts, gift wrap, spirit wear and more.

Every fundraiser should have some sort of brochure attached to it. Brochures make it easier to spread the word and market the event. Your brochure should include pictures of the items for sale, prices, dates available and contact info for the point person running the event.

Raffle Off a Vehicle

A big money raiser for schools tends to be anything raffled off to the community. But what would likely bring in even more money is if your school were to raffle off a vehicle. Set aside the amount of tickets you plan to sell, how much they will cost and the deadline to submit them for the drawing.

The most difficult part of the fundraiser will be to procure a vehicle. Speak with families in the school to find out if anyone owns a car dealership or has one in the family. Once the vehicle is  supplied you can figure out the amount of money you want to raise. If you want this to be a fundraiser that can support an initiative at the school for more than one year, make sure you print enough tickets at the right price.

The raffle should last at least one month, but no more than two, so people know they have to buy their tickets by a certain time. Then, set aside a date where the winning ticket will be pulled. This should be an event the entire community can attend.

Once the raffle is complete, and the drawing has been held, you can take money from the proceeds to pay the car dealership for the vehicle. The rest of the money in the pot is for the school to use at its discretion or for whatever item it is bookmarked.

The Best Fundraising Choice for your School is Brochure Fundraising

Good fundraising for schools does not have to be difficult to come up with, especially if you have someone in the school with experience raising money. Of the three, brochure fundraising is the best option. Not only is there limited work involved for your fundraising team, but the return on investment will be the best. The brochures are easy to distribute, you can leave them almost anywhere, and they grab everyone’s attention immediately. Brochure fundraising can be done for almost any group, event or product you are looking to sell. It serves many purposes for schools looking to raise money.