Unique School Fundraising Ideas

unique school fundraising ideas

Learn how to use these unique school fundraising ideas to raise money for your school, after school club or sports teams.

You want unique school fundraising ideas and we got them!

Fundraising Zone has been providing school fundraiser ideas for almost 50 years.

Everyone wants to try something “new”or unique because they get bored of doing the same old thing year after year.

However, here is just a word of caution. Please don’t throw a winning money maker out the window just because you have done it before.

For instance, year after year our top three school fundraisers are our Winter Wonderland, Snackin in the USA, and Popcorn Pleasures fundraising brochures. Traditionally these are our top sellers because they work. Schools have raised thousands of dollars using these brochures. They contain unique fundraising items that your friends and family will want to buy. And finally, these are all high profit fundraisers for schools.

Gift wrap fundraiser

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Snack fundraisers 

Snackin in the USA Times Square All

Popcorn fundraisers

Easy popcorn pleasures fundraising brochure

We suggest that you closely look at combining these unique fundraising brochures with the following unique school fundraising ideas.

Unique elementary school fundraisers

Here are three unique fundraising ideas for elementary school.

Polar plunge fundraiser for elementary school

Polar plunge fundraising ideas

There are polar bear clubs all over the country that regularly swim in cold water. 

In this unique school event, the students get sponsors to support them to jump in a cold pool or lake. The team that generates the most donations wins a prize.

Of course, this will require adult supervision to make sure everyone stays safe. Polar plunges have successfully raised money for schools with students willing to be polar bears for a good cause!

If you don’t like the idea of jumping in ice cold water, then you may want to consider one of our unique fundraising brochures. These are popular because you can stay warm and dry, and still raise money for your school!

Dunk the teacher grade school fundraiser

dunk your teacher

This is a very fun fundraiser for elementary students.

Think back to when you were in grade school. What if you could DUNK your teacher?

How would that feel?

As you can imagine, it generates on a lot of excited energy! Students look for sponsors to donate to your school’s fundraising campaign. Whoever raises the most money gets to dunk the teacher!

Principal for a day fundraiser

This is a very unique idea  that can be combined with your cookie dough, popcorn or snack fundraiser at school.

Just suppose the child that sells the most fundraising merchandise got to be the principal for a day, They got their own desk in the principal’s office, they got a clipboard, and get to carry the radio. Furthermore, they get to order lunch for themselves. They will get to be a big shot for a day. This can be a great motivator for some elementary students that want to be a grown-up for a day.

Unique middle school fundraisers

Kiss a goat fundraiser for middle school.

kiss a goat fundraising ideas 1

In this unique fundraiser, students get to nominate potential goat kissers. Then they get to vote with their spare change. Whoever gets the most money gets to kiss the goat!

As you can imagine, this will provide great opportunities for your book photos! Maybe you should also hold a kiss the goat fundraiser!

Ping pong ball middle school fundraiser

ping pong fundraising ideas 2

In this unique school fundraiser idea your middle school students sell ping-pong balls for five dollars each. People can either write their name or put a number down on the ping-pong ball. A record is kept to be able to tell which ping-pong ball belongs to which person.

On the day of the ping-pong ball fundraiser, all of the balls are released and the three closest balls to the target win.

As you can imagine, this unique fundraiser generates a lot of excitement! Your middle school group can earn thousands of dollars every year with these unique school fundraising events.

Unique fundraisers for high school

So… What’s better than dunking a teacher?

Unique school fundraising ideas making a principal sundae using chocolate syrup!

Students Smiling at the thought of dunking their teacher!

Think back to when you were in high school. How much money would you have raised if you knew you could turn your principal into a chocolate sundae?

This is not only a popular school fundraiser, but it can be very profitable. Make sure you get lots of photos and videos! This will be a very memorable school fundraiser.

Looking for more high school creative fundraising ideas?

Final suggestions for unique school fundraising ideas

 Look for ways to combine your school fundraiser with a holiday.

How would this work?

Here are a few examples:

  • Hold an “all you can eat” pancake breakfast on Mother’s Day. Advertise it so everyone in your neighborhood can treat their moms to a nice breakfast out while helping your school at the same time.
  • Additionally, you can sell flowers on Mother’s Day or Valentines Day. Remember, people will be buying flowers anyway so they might as well buy them from you!
  • Furthermore, you can sell wreaths or trees during the holiday season.
  • Finally, do a car wash on Father’s Day weekend. Invite people to wash the car for dad.

In conclusion, we hope these unique school fundraiser ideas were helpful to you.

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