moo poo fundraiser

School fundraising ideas in Colorado – Moo Poo Classic

How Can Cows Help You Raise Money For Your School?

Is your booster club looking for ways to raise money for your school? We hope you enjoy these school fundraising ideas in Colorado.

This one is really out of the box – especially to us city slickers. However, it works for our mid- west readers, so here we go.

Raffles, bake sales and car washes… HO HUM.

That is exactly what booster clubs all over Colorado are saying. That is why Erie High School Booster Club is doing the Moo Poo Classic instead.

What is the Moo Poo Classic?

Just suppose you see an empty grass field before your eyes. The booster club divides the field into a grid of plots for parents, friends and family to buy. Each plot is only $10.

What happens next?

Enter the cows.

Now imagine watching a bunch of cows as they are released into the fields. If one of the cows makes a “deposit” on your plot…

You can win up to $1,000.


Was that your first impression?

That is how booster club, Tori Hollis reacted at first. However, everyone in the community is supporting this unique fun school fundraiser.

What are they using the money for? All of the money raised goes to help fund scholarships, grants for teachers, and the senior prom.

How can you use these school fundraising ideas in Colorado?

If you live in rural America, then reach out to a local farmer that has cows and ask if he would be happy to support your school fundraising event.

The good thing is that this program doesn’t require much money to put on the event. Most of your organizing and planning will be to get the word out about the Moo Poo classic.

If you are giving out prizes worth a $1,000 in cash, then you will need enough people to buy 100 of these square plots just to break even. So, set a goal for a few hundred plots, so this event can be profitable to you.

Finally, if you are looking for a more traditional school fundraiser instead of cow pies, then try selling cookie dough to raise money. Unlike OTHER fundraisers, our cookie dough smells and tastes delicious! In addition, this fundraiser is free to get started with no upfront costs to your booster club.