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Car Showroom Fundraiser – Raise a Few Bucks Locally

School Fundraising Ideas From Tennessee – Cars For Classrooms

Can your local car dealer help you to raise money for your school?

Notice how the Loftis Middle school found an interesting opportunity with a local Chrysler dealership.

Are you looking for school fundraiser ideas? Then, you will enjoy these middle school fundraising ideas from Tennessee.

Cars For Classrooms – An Easy Middle School Fundraising Idea

Did you know that there is a program called the “Chrysler Cars 4 Classrooms fundraising initiative”?

How does this work? Actually it is pretty simple. Chrysler will pay your school $10 for every person you refer to their nearest dealership to take a test drive of a new Chrysler Dodge Jeep or Ram vehicle. That is exactly what this middle school did.

The Loftis Middle School of Tennessee contacted the Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership and came into an agreement that the car dealership would pay the school $10 for every person that came in to the dealer to test drive a new vehicle. All together, the school referred 60 people to the car dealership. At the end of the school fundraising program Chrysler gladly wrote them a check for $600.

Why would a car dealer help your school raise money?

Car dealers spend many thousands of dollars each month in advertising online, radio, TV and print, with the HOPE of someone walking into their showroom. When you hand deliver potential customers to them, it is a win-win program for the car sales team and the middle school. The dealer knows that for every 10 people that are referred to them they will close a deal to sell a car or two.

Will this school fundraising program work for your school?

You don’t have to live in Tennessee to take advantage of this program. In fact, it is available in every state. Your school can earn up to $2,000 with this car sales event.

Learn More

  • The test driver must actually drive in a new Chrysler Pacifica (or Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid in California) provided by the Chrysler dealership.
  • Each test driver must be 18 years of age or older and present a valid driver’s license prior to taking the test drive.
  • A representative from the Chrysler Dealership must accompany each test driver on the driver’s test drive.
  • Each test driver must sign Chrysler’s Waiver of Liability before taking the test drive.
  • After the test drive, the test driver must complete a survey in its entirety.
  • No children that require a safety seat are allowed in any of the test drive vehicles.

This program is another way to raise money for your school. It works perfectly in conjunction with our brochure fundraisers that have been helping schools raise money with cookie dough and gourmet snacks for over 50 years.

You can learn more about our free school fundraising program here. We offer free phone consultations to find the perfect fundraiser for your school. Why not call us now?


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