School Fundraising Ideas in North Carolina Principal On The Roof

School Fundraising Ideas in North Carolina – Principal On The Roof

School Fundraising Ideas in North Carolina – Principal On The Roof

What can you learn from this principal who spent the night on the Forest Elementary School roof?

Imagine needing to raise $20,000 for your school’s next fundraiser. How do you motivate the parents and students to get involved? You will enjoy this quirky article sharing these elementary school fundraising ideas in North Carolina. Notice how the Principal puts the FUN back into fundraising for his students.

School Fundraising Ideas in North Carolina That Make Kids SQUEAL With Delight

Is it possible to combine leadership with FUN?

Notice what this Principal has to say about that below. In the meanwhile, how do you normally motivate your students?

  • Pizza parties?
  • Daily “Rah Rah” sessions?
  • Prize programs?

Well, Principal Vercellino promised his students he would spend the night out on the school roof if the met their goal of $20,000 this year.

Why would he be willing to do this? After all, many principals would never consider doing such a thing. However, notice what he said in his interview with TODAY:

It’s about having fun and building a sense of community. It’s a win-win because we benefit from it and we’re able to purchase things in addition to what we already have, which is awesome, like additional books for our library that we use to teach our children how to read. But in the kids’ eyes, they get to be a part of all the fun.”

The children squealed with delight as they saw him up on the roof in his tent after school. They squealed again when the parents drove them by after dark and they saw the light on in his tent.

Principal Vercellino has a reputation for making fundraising FUN.

In fact, he also has tried:

  • Riding around in a tricycle while wearing a wig, glasses and cape.
  • In addition there was lip-syncing “Shake It Off” in front of the school
  • Finally, he ate chocolate-covered worms

What will you do?

In conclusion, it finally comes down to this. If you are a principal or a teacher, what are you willing to do to make school fundraising fun?

You will create life-long memories in your students and show them it is OK for adults to be silly and have fun once in a while.

In the end, you will be remembered with fondness.