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bowling fundraising

Bowling Fundraising Ideas that
Raise Big Money

In the early 1920s, bowling was a popular saloon sport. So people went to bowling lanes like they do the pool tables now. They would drink and boast about being the best bowler. However, liquor prohibition put a permanent stop to that. Today, bowling has been re-branded into the popular family sport we’ve come to know and love. Not only is bowling popular among families, but it’s a very competitive team sport in communities and colleges too. Furthermore, there have even been bowling events in past Olympic games. Today, there is a need for bowling fundraising ideas due to its popularity.

The Best Bowling Fundraisers – we have Solutions

While bowling is losing its popularity as an American family pastime, the competitive spirit of the sport is alive and well. World Bowling President Kevin Dornberger recently said that bowling “has had an image problem, but there’s also an elite competitive side.” That’s why the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo was thinking about adding the sport to the list of games. It was recently decided that they would not including bowling.  However, that doesn’t stop the millions of students and professional who bowl every day. Fundraising is an important part of paying for uniforms, new bowls, competition registration fees, and so much more.

From Bowling Hobby to Bowling Profession

Today, community bowling leagues exist all over the country. They are the most popular way to go from amateur to professional bowling. The key is to be part of the Professional Bowling Association. Being an active bowling team member in high school is a great way to reach that goal. Once you graduate or turn 18, you’re eligible to join PBA. And membership comes with a price tag. Because of that you will need to raise money to pay for these fees. Our bowling fundraising ideas can help. provides bowling teams a way to raise the funds they need for:

  • Team uniforms
  • Registration fees
  • New bowling shoes

No matter what you need, we’re ready to coach you through a successful fundraiser to reach your goals. Some of the choices we have to offer include:

Bowling Fundraiser Brochure Options

Spring Gift Fundraising Catalog

Our 2018 Spring Gift Fundraising Catalog offers a wide selection of tasty treats and household items. These are perfect to keep or share as gifts.

  • $10 magazine subscriptions
  • Plant and flower bulbs and seeds.
  • Fruit and sandwich slicers
  • And so much more.

Our fundraiser catalogs also offer amazing items for bowling teams to offer friends and family.

Smart Snacks Fundraising Catalog

This is the healthiest snack brochure we offer. These fundraising products offer low calories, high mineral and nutrient content. These snacks are also great for health-conscious people that wants to keep away from snacks that are high in sugar and sodium. Some of the top sellers are:

  • Hawaiian Delight: It includes dried banana, pineapple, coconut, and papaya.
  • Salsa Mix
  • Mom’s Apple Pie Mix: Ithas honey cinnamon peanuts, walnuts and dried apple slices. Can Help With Your Bowling Fundraisng Event

In conclusion, we pride ourselves on making the fundraising programs as simple as possible for your bowling team. We’ve been in business exceeding our clients’ fundraising needs for over 50 years.  We provide knowledge and valuable information to prepare you for success. Additionally, we offer free resources that you can use to keep your organization focused on meeting and exceeding fundraising goals. Finally, we invite you to contact us at 800.645.6550 to get started.