Easy Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams


Easy Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Looking for some sports teamfundraising ideas? Perhaps you can relate to this scenario…

“The first time I kicked a soccer ball, I fell in love. Not with the ball, but with the kick – I ran around the field for hours trying to keep the ball in my line of sight and make perfect contact between it and the front, side, and back of my foot. I caught on quickly. I asked my mother if I could join the Camptown Cobras, excitedly waiting for her to say yes. Instead, I was bombarded with questions like, ‘Who’s going to pay for your cleats?’ and ‘Where’s the money for your uniform coming from?’ I had no answer for her”.

Welcome to the same problem sports teams all over the country face—How do you raise money for sport teams? Whether you have a school sports team or just a local sports league, these ideas can help you too.

Why we all have to Pitch In to Support Sports Team Fundraisers

At one time all sports legends, many of them, learned to throw a ball, play quarterback, learn to hit a golf ball, learned how to put spin on a soccer ball, learned how to easily make a free throw in basketball, was taught the right way to cast a lure and a ton of other sports knowledge.  The thing they have in common is that they were mentored and taught by coaches in grade school.  In order for that to happen, these programs and schools had one thing in common – they needed money.  They all wanted a 100% risk free way for youth sports players and enthusiasts to raise the money their sports association, sports league or school team need.

The Answers to Youth Sports Fundraisers

Parents all over America have these valid concerns when it comes to their children participating in sports teams. From soccer to football to lacrosse and beyond, spending on sports has grown so high over the past few decades that it now accounts for 10.5% of parent’s gross income.

Kids are having a difficult time keeping up with sports not due to lack of ability, but because of the growing cost to stay committed to a team. This is why easy fundraising ideas for sports teams are so important. Without them, many parents would find it impossible to keep their children connected to the sports and teams they love so much.

Fundraising for Sports Teams – We have Solutions

Peer to peer fundraising is one of the most effective ways to increase sports team’s revenue, and when your team combines that with traditional fundraising avenues, your sports team receives the best of both worlds. The way peer to peer works is it maximizes on your sports team’s existing relationships by using the tools you have right at your fingertips. Looking for fundraising tools? We have you covered.


Youth sports team fundraising online


Are you looking for online ordering options for sports teams? You came to the right place.


  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube: These social media and media share sites are wonderful for Peer to Peer fundraising. For example, sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope (which is excellent for live sports coverage) allow you to record and post information in real time. 
  • Email and Text Message Blasts: Fundraisingzone.com offers our clients an app dedicated to Peer to Peer fundraising. It helps groups increase sales by over 50% in many cases, and it easy to install, use, and promote. If your organization already has an email and phone list, this is the most logical option to include in your fundraising efforts. The best part about it is it’s absolutely totally free!

Easy Brochure Fundraisers for Sports Teams: The Best Sellers

Sports team fundraisers don’t have to be expensive, time consuming, or energy draining. Catalog brochure fundraisers are increasing in popularity because they provide a simple solution for your team’s fundraising needs. Fundraisingzone.com has offered such opportunities to clients. Furthermore, these school fundraisers work like a charm. For instance, some of our top performing easy brochure fundraisers include:

$7 gourmet popcorn fundraiser

Gourmet Caramel Popcorn Fundraising

Item Choices for $7.00 Caramel “Popcorn Pleasures” – Enjoy These Popcorn Fundraiser Flavors

  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Corn
  • Gourmet Caramel Corn
  • Hokey Pokey with Chocolate
  • Spicy Chicago Style Popcorn
  • Original Hokey Pokey
  • Caramel Corn with Chocolate
  • Caramel Apple Corn
  • Chicago-Style Popcorn

Amazing $7 Value For Sports Club Fundraising!


From caramel corn to spicy Chicago Style Popcorn this brochure has everything a sports team will need to succeed. Additionally, your friends and family will love the delicious popcorn flavors. They will also love the affordable $7 price tag. These taste so good, don’t be surprised if people want to buy an extra one as a gift for a friend. This isn’t stale popcorn like you buy in the store. Instead, its made the old fashioned way—And the proof is in the taste. Best of all, at up to 50% profit, your school sports team earns up to $3.50 per bag. Finally, please remember this isn’t your typical candy bar fundraiser that only makes you .50 cents per sale. Instead, this will help you reach your fundraising goals.

How to raise money for your sports team selling $10 cookie dough

$10 Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas
Low Retail

Choices for $10.00 Cookie Dough Fundraising


  • Chunky Chocolate Chip in Tubs
  • Peanut Butter in Tubs
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Sugar Cookies
  • White Chocolate Macadamia
  • And Snickerdoodle too.

$10 Top Seller For Sports Teams!

cookie dough fundraisers for gymnastics teams

White chocolate macadamia, triple chocolate, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, chocolate chunk, and sugar cookies all come in this popular fundraiser for mid-sized groups. Additionally, our cookie dough tubs come in 2 gallon containers, or can be ordered at $1.35 per pound of pre-portioned dough. Furthermore, all of our $10 Cookie Dough products are kosher and pasteurized milk is used.  Finally, the products from this brochure come to you packed in dry ice and are shelf stable for up to five days. So, are you looking for fundraising ideas for schools? Give cookie dough a try for school teams.

Snackin’ in the USA Fundraising Brochure

Snackin in the USA Brochure Fundraising
Top Seller

Top Selling Items for Snackin’ in the USA Fundraiser

  • Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Sweet n’ Crunchy Trail Mix
  • Peanut Squares
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Neapolitan Pretzel Mix
  • Gummi Fruit Slices
  • Hawaiian Delight
  • Cashew Snack Mix
  • Hawaiin delight
  • Chocolate Covered Raisins

Snackin’ in the USA Fundraising Top Selling Items

Snackin in the USA 2
Snackin in the USA 3
Snackin in the USA 4

For instance, this brochure has All-American snacks such as chocolate covered pretzels, hot and spicy peanuts. We also offer malted milk balls, gummy bears, chocolate covered almonds, butter toffee peanuts will bring you profits. Above all, our customers tell us this is the best snack fundraiser on the Internet.

Sports team fundraising tips

Here are some of our top fundraising tips for youth sports teams. However, please make sure you address each one of these suggestions. Because we want you to make the most money for your school team.

1. How much money does your sports team need to make?

You must set a fundraising goal, or you set yourself up to frustration later on. Imagine missing out on the National championship because you were a few hundred dollars short of your fundraiser goal.

2. Organize your fundraising calendar for the year.

Many teams schedule a spring fundraiser as well as a fall fundraiser. For example, you might want to hold a car wash and use our spring fundraiser brochure in April. On the other hand, you might schedule a gift wrap fundraising event in November.

3. Start sooner not later.

Many sports teams take for granted how long it takes to set up and run a profitable sports fundraiser. Therefore, please don’t make this common mistake. So, it’s always best to give yourself several months of preparation time.

4. Pick a fundraiser brochure

Contact a fundraising expert to pick the perfect fundraising brochure for your sports team. We have also included the top three sports fundraising catalogs on this page for your review.

5. Team work and the volunteer spirit.

It is important to get everyone on the team involved in volunteering for your fundraiser event. Remind your players that it is only by teamwork that you will succeed in raising the most money.

6. Fundraising thermometers.

Create a fundraising thermometer so that your team mates can see the progress you are making together. This has a psychological effect to help them continue to work hard until they reach their goal.

7. Incentive programs.

Think seriously about adding a prize program to incentivize all of your volunteers. Furthermore, by rewarding the top seller you use the power of competition to your advantage.

8. Get a coach.

Take advantage of our free coaching. Our fundraising experts want your team to win. Choose Fundraisingzone.com and you get all the free coaching you need to succeed.

9. Team Practice.

Just as your ball players must practice every day, you must have your volunteers practice their sales pitch. Make this fun so everyone participates.

10. Communicate your reason why.

Remember to tell you our prospects why you are holding a sports fundraiser. If your friends and family understand the reason why you need to raise money, they are more apt to help. On the other hand, if you don’t tell them the reason why they may resent your fundraiser.

11. Parent letters

Consider sending a parent later home with your ball players. We will be happy to design a custom parent letter for you.

Why choose Fundraisingzone.com to help your youth sports team raise money?

Providing the best customer service and quality product in the industry is what Fundraisingzone.com is all about. We have been in business for over 50 years – groups have raised millions. Through consistency and experience, we have learned what works for our clients and pride ourselves on helping them achieve success time and time again.

Fundraising profits for your Sports Team

1. Our profit margins for clients are highly competitive in the industry. Winter, spring, and fall catalog brochures offer a 50% profit margin if your total sale is above $5,000. If it’s between $2,500 and $5,000 you earn 45% profit. If the total sale is below $2,500 you will earn 40% profit. The above listed profit structure is exclusive of magazine sales; this profit is 40%. Many of the other brochures offer a similar step structure where the more sales you make, the more profits your sports team earns.

2. Free shipping, free brochures, free collection envelopes and free order forms

We provide your group or school with free super-high quality glossy brochures, free prize brochures, free collection envelopes and free order forms. And, we will ship them to you completely free of charge – always.

3. On-line ordering.

You can boost sales as much as 30-50% with no added fees. It’s totally free. Send links to family and friends out of town, your email and text list, and surrounding community leaders.


Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the top questions parents, teachers and coaches ask us.


1. Will this work for our sports team?

Yes. Our fundraisers work with all kinds of sports programs including baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, Soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and everything else in between. Yes they also work for cheer and dance teams too.

2. How much does it cost to do this sports fundraiser?

You’ll be happy to know that this fundraiser has no upfront costs to your sports booster club. We provide everything you need to get started for free.

3. How does fundraising zone make money then?

If you are thinking this may sound too good to be true, listen closely. When you make money we make money. So it is in our best interest to help your sports team succeed.

4. How does this program work?

For example, let’s say you showed the cookie dough brochure to all of your friends and family. You simply collect payment upfront from your customers. Then you pay us for the cookie dough you sold. After that, your sports program keeps the difference as profit.

5. How do we get the fundraising product?

We ship it to you. However, when you meet the minimum order your team gets free shipping. Check each brochure page to see what the minimum product requirement is to receive free shipping. For instance, for our popcorn fundraiser you only have to sell 150 pieces, which is fairly easy to sell.

6. How do we know the fundraising merchandise is good quality?

We count on our customers returning to us year in and year out. This means we only represent the top fundraising merchandise. Furthermore, we stand 100% behind our fundraising items. Finally, we believe this makes this a risk free fundraiser for sports teams.

7. How much money can we make?

The more your sports team sells the more your team earns. For example, when you sell over 500 pieces of our popcorn product you earn 50% profit on every sale. This is why it is important to set fundraising goals.


10 Additional youth sports team fundraising ideas for your school or league

Each of these could work marvelously with our fundraising brochures to help you make the most money during the school year. 

1.Car Wash. 

Your friends, family and neighbors cars are dirty. You can wash them for $5 each. You can also make a few hundred dollars on a Saturday morning on a busy street..

2. Spare Change drive.

Firstly, each player on the team gets his own plastic milk jug to fill. Secondly, talk to friends and family about why you are raising money. Thirdly, ask if they have any spare change. The kid with the most money wins a prize.

3. Discount Cards.

Go to 10 local businesses in your community. Ask if they will help you raise money for your ball team. Also ak them for a special coupon for a discount. Finally, put all these coupons on a card and sell it for $5.

4. Restaurant party.

Negotiate with a local restaurant to host a party there. You should be able to get a 10% commission if you hold it on the slowest night of the week for them. Finally. tell your friends and family you are having a team party. 

5. Bake sale.

This is timeless. People like junk food. So, kindly ask the parents in your sports booster to make the goodies you can sell.

6. Rake leaves.

Your neighbors will gladly pay you to rake their leaves. So, be sure to get the whole gang to help out. Additionally, this can easily become an annual sports fundraiser for your team.

7. Sell raffle tickets

Ask a local business to donate a prize for your raffle. For example, this may or may not be sports related. Either way, you can sell raffle tickets and award the prize to the winner.

8. Count the jelly beans.

Fill a glass jar with jelly beans. For $1 people can guess how many jelly beans there are. Closest guess gets to eat them all!

9. Sell sports team shirts

You can easily sell team shirts to your fans. Make a deal with a local t-shirt shop or find a reputable one on line. Additionally, we suggest to collect payment up front to pay for your order. 

10. Team photos.

Team up with a local photographer and get a percentage on the team pictures sold. Tell the family members to wear their team shirts too. This will give you a chance to sell more pictures. Similarly, we suggest collecting payment up front for this too.


Why we all have to Pitch In to Support Sports Team Fundraisers

In conclusion, sports legends learned techniques from others and with plenty of practice, eventually mastered their sport. What they have in common is that they were mentored and taught by coaches in grade school. In order for that to happen, these programs and schools had one thing in common – they needed money.


Finally, now you can have a coach work for you for free. So, please allow us the opportunity to earn your trust. We want to be your fundraising coach. Contact us for a free consultation. We promise will share our top sports team fundraising ideas with you.

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