Softball Fundraising Ideas

softball fundraising ideas

Softball Fundraising Ideas – How to Raise Funds for your Softball Team

Who else is looking for some easy softball fundraising ideas?  Did you know that in a recent year it was estimated that 40 million Americans played at least one game of softball during the year? The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA), registers over 245,000 softball teams nationwide with hundreds of local, regional, state, and National Championships a year. That doesn’t even account for local school softball teams, bar league softball teams, or youth softball teams.

Why should this concern you?

Simply put, it makes for a lot of competition for your next softball fundraiser. Sports team fundraising is a competitive business. That is why we teach how to hold fundraisers for softball teams.

These baseball fundraiser tips will also work for all kinds of softball leagues:

  • Youth girls’ fast-pitch teams
  • Beer league softball teams
  • Middle school & high school softball teams
  • College softball
  • Baseball teams
  • Slow-pitch softball
  • Fast pitch softball
  • Modified softball
  • Youth softball leagues
  • Little league teams.
  • Finally, they work for Kids softball too.

So, why are you looking to raise money for your softball team?

These profitable fundraising ideas can help you:

  • Buy new softball equipment like bats, softballs, cleats, bases, gloves and catchers equipment.
  • In addition, it can help to pay for softball uniforms.
  • It can also pay for your softball tournament fees.
  • Finally, it can help raise money for hotel and travel expenses. (Imagine heading to the annual USA Softball World Series Championship this year?)

Ready to learn some of our our favorite youth sports fundraisers?

Our top softball Fundraising Ideas To Raise Money For Your Sports Team

Hands down our favorite kind of school fundraising idea is the brochure fundraiser and lots of kids in school play softball.

Our brochure fundraising products include things that people LOVE to buy or are going to buy ANYWAY.

Here are our top high profit softball fundraising items for each year:


Cookie Dough Profits for your Softball Team

Very few people have the self-control to say no to chocolate chip cookie dough. That is why our popular cookie dough tub fundraising events are so successful for softball fundraising ideas.

Whether you choose the Crazy About Cookies Fundraiser or the Scoop and Bake cookie dough fundraiser your customers will LOVE the taste of these cookies. Even better, your softball players will love the fact that you can earn up to 52% on each sale.

Snackin’ in the USA Fundraising Brochure for your Softball Team

Who doesn’t like something salty or sweet to eat? Our ever popular Snackin’ in the USA is a proven winner for school snack fundraisers year after year.

Why do we love brochures for softball fundraising ideas?

It is simple actually — It is because your school sports team will love:

  • There are NO upfront costs which means NO money up front or out of your pocket.
  • You can also earn up to 52% profit depending on how much they sell.
  • In addition, you get FREE brochures, parent letters and prize program.
  • Your team gets FREE shipping when you reach the minimum order. This means your team gets to keep more money!
  • Furthermore, there is plenty of FREE coaching. Just as you need a softball coach to win your games, you will need a fundraising coach too. Just as a pitcher will warm up before a windmill windup or your players go to batting practice …your volunteers will need to practice. However, we will provide all the fundraiser coaching to make your next event a massive success. This means you don’t have to do this alone!
  • Finally, our program makes it EASY for your sports team to make money because the brochures do all the work for you.

Additional profitable fundraiser ideas for your softball team

Looking for some more ideas for softball teams and their softball fundraising ideas.

Here are a few extra fundraising ideas to consider in addition to your brochure fundraiser.

Ready to start making some money using softball fundraising ideas?

In conclusion, did you know we are ready to send you a free fund raising kit ASAP?

All you have to do is to request one here. If you would like a free phone consultation then please reach out to us here at 1-800-645-6550. We would love to help you plan your next event because that is what we do best.

So, why not call now?

We would love to share a few easy softball fundraising ideas with you. In the meanwhile, check out these success stories.


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