Team Fundraising Ideas That Work Year Round

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Team Fundraising Ideas Work Year Round

Teamwork is important both on the field or court and off. Pulling off a successful team fundraiser takes as much effort to reach your goals as it takes to win a game.  Make sure everyone is ready for the challenge.  Sometimes doing the run-of-the-mill fundraisers can quickly bore you and your potential donors, and everyone’s involvement and enthusiasm could make or break your efforts. There are some very interesting ways to keep people’s attention and surpass your goals for your fundraising season.  Team fundraising ideas that work year round is something we can help you with.


Do the Opposite of What’s Expected for your Team Fundraiser


Bake sales are cool, but adding a fresh twist to that old classic can take your fundraising from basic to big. Focusing on one product, or better yet, one ingredient to highlight the competitive fundraiser can add some edge to your team effort. The same goes for yard sales, talent showcases, and raffles.  Focusing on a singular theme to play on a season, holiday, or popular event separates your fundraiser from the regular.


  • Instead of the boring silent auction, have a loud auction where noise and loud bidding is encouraged.
  • Opt for a baked goods sale based on entrees rather than desserts- macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and baked chicken, for example.
  • Host a “Convertible Cookie Dough” showcase where people who order our delicious cookie flavors from the offer versatile ways to prepare the dough besides just the basic cookie.


Have a “Share” Competition

Offer your would-be donors the opportunity to get more for their donations of time and energy, not just money. Stage a “share” competition where your fundraiser gets more exposure through social media engagement. Here’s how:


  1. Create a Hashtag. Use your team name, your mascot, or any other distinguishing feature that is easily identifiable.
  2. Share and Share Alike. Encourage everyone in your network to spread the hashtag like wildfire. The more they share it, the more their names are entered into a drawing to receive cool prizes for free.
  3. Check the Hashtag. Type your unique hashtag in the search bar of any social media site and every time it’s used will appear in results. Be consistent about checking the results daily so you know when to enter names into your drawing.

Host A Formal Awards Show

Putting an awards ceremony together is simple, inexpensive, and offers an added sense of camaraderie to everyone in your team and the community that supports it. Acknowledging the people who help your team encourages them to continue to donate. At the end, bring all of your donors together.  Students, faculty, staff, and the people in your town- and host an awards ceremony for them.


  • The awards show can be formal, but the dress doesn’t have to be. Give people the option to dress to the nines or come as they are.
  • Offer a variety of awards- MVP for the “share” competition winner, Honorable Mentions for those who donate the most.  Something as simple as decorated bricks for the most consistent donors are all very cool gestures.
  • Give awards to team members also who raise the most funds through brochure fundraising to help reach and surpass goals.


Team fundraising can be a challenge, but with the right attitude and focus, it can be a world of fun. Everyone on the same page engaging unique ideas helps the team feel like an integral part of the fundraising efforts.  And that can prove invaluable to helping you reach and surpass fundraising goals.  Team fundraising ideas work year round are not easy to come by – but we have solutions that work.