Volleyball Fundraising

Volleyball fundraising ideas

Spike Your Volleyball Program with These Three Fundraiser Options

It would be great if volleyball always got the same attention it gets during the Olympics. For several wonderful days, both men’s and women’s volleyball is given the prime time TV spotlight. Millions watch each match. Imagine that level of interest existing year-round. If it did, the attendance for your school’s volleyball matches would, no doubt, be much higher, and that would mean a nice steady cash flow.  Your volleyball fundraising program will be a success with one of our choices.  Volleyball fundraising will make it all possible.

But the reality is that most schools struggle to even partially fill a gymnasium for a volleyball match. That’s where Fundraisingzone.com comes in. We can help you plan a successful volleyball fundraiser.

Why do you need a volleyball fundraiser?

Even the simplest road trip requires covering the cost of such things as tournament fees, the team bus driver, an additional travelers’ insurance required by local and state authorities, gasoline and team meals. And then there’s equipment. It’s difficult to excel in any sport without top-notch equipment. Volleyball is no different. There’s more to volleyball than simply a net. In addition to uniforms, other expenses typically include new official game balls, a coach’s set stand, a coach’s training tower, volleyball training machines and volleyball rebound training machines.

Brochures for Volleyball Fundraising 

Our brochure fundraising is one of the simplest methods of raising money to cover those team expenses. Participants simply allow potential donors to browse one of our colorful brochures filled with tempting photos of our delicious snack items, and then take their order. We have several different styles of snack fundraisers from which to choose.

  1. There are even more flavors in our Caramel Popcorn Fundraiser. Your customers will receive five to seven ounces of one of our 10 incredible flavor combinations at a reasonable price. People love popcorn. The movie theater owners can tell you that. And we all know how much money people spend on popcorn at the movie theater, and that money doesn’t go to a great cause like a school volleyball program.

Wait until you see the expression on your potential donor’s face when she realizes her popcorn choices include:

  • Caramel apple corn
  • Caramel corn with chocolate drizzle
  • Peanut butter and jelly


  1. We all like to snack, but some of us are trying to snack smart, so we offer our Smart Snack Fundraiser. But just because we left out a lot of the calories doesn’t mean that we left out any of the flavor. Case in point, our Hawaiian Delight combines sweetened banana chips with sunflower seeds, raisins, coconut, pineapple wedges and papaya.

You can also offer your volleyball lovers other Smart Snack items such as…

  • Cashew Snack Mix (cashews, sesame sticks and peanuts)
  • Mom’s Apple Pie Mix (dried apple pieces with honey cinnamon peanuts, raisins and walnut pieces)
  • Salsa Mix (includes toasted kernels of corn, cheddar sesame sticks and pepitos)

Why choose Fundraisingzone.com for your Volleyball Fundraising Events?

In conclusion, our fundraisers are designed to help you raise as much money as possible. With Fundraisingzone.com it doesn’t take long to earn 50% profit. That’s money that you can be quickly put back into your volleyball program.

Finally, if this is your first fundraiser, don’t worry. Or, if you’ve sponsored fundraisers in the past that weren’t successful, don’t worry, either. Call us today, and we will walk you through the steps of how to stage a winning fundraiser. And if your fundraiser is a winner, maybe your volleyball program will be, too.