Youth Football Fundraisers

Youth Football Fundraisers 1

Youth Football Fundraisers – Learn How to Raise the Most Money For Your Sports Team

American Youth Football (AYF), tells us there are over 500,000 young people playing football in 50 states. Lets face it, that means there are a lot of school sports teams competing for your school football fundraiser dollars.

We hope these youth football fundraising ideas can help your football team score a touchdown when it comes to raising money.

American football is the most popular sport in the USA. In fact, the annual Super Bowl game holds the spot for seven of the top eight most watched broadcasts in U.S. television history. This means that friends & family are willing to support their kids football team with sports fundraising if you ask them.

Our creative fundraising ideas are great for raising money to pay for new football equipment and football uniforms. They can also be used to help you pay for hotels & travel expenses for any championship games you may be playing in.

Easy Youth Football Fundraising Ideas For Your School

You want EASY don’t you?

Well, it does not get any easier than holding one of our easy brochure fundraisers.

So, why will you love these easy fundraisers?

  • Please imagine a fundraiser that your football player earns up to 52% on each order. It is quite simple, because the more your sports team sells, the more you
  • YOU PAY ZERO dollars up front for this fundraiser program. So, all you have to do is to pay for the fundraising products you sell. You can use the money you collect from your customers.
  • We also provide all of the FREE brochures you will need to win the fundraising game. Just give us a count of how many volunteers you have. We will ship them out ASAP to you.
  • Our beautiful brochures sell the product for you, because people won’t be able to resist the lip smacking pictures of the goodies! The best part is that many of these are only $10.00 or less.
  • Finally, just as you have a football coach, you will get all the fundraising coaching you need from us to make your event a success.

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Teams and School Teams

Get your whole football team involved in these school fundraising ideas. Ask the football coach and the cheerleaders because you want as much support as possible.

We also encourage building a fundraising thermometer for everyone to see where you are in your program.

Here are a few more nonprofit fundraising ideas you may enjoy:

Whatever events you choose, find a way to tie it into some kind of a football themed fundraising idea.

Some Final Ideas For Raising Money For Youth Football Teams

Just as you practice your football plays before each game, we encourage you to practice for your unique youth fundraising promotion. Practice makes perfect, right?

The good news is that we promise to help coach you through this process. Our fundraising teammates love to share unique youth sports fundraiser ideas with sports teams just like yours.

In conclusion, would you like to read some successful stories?

When you are ready for a free consultation, give us a call at 1-800-645-6550. We look forward to helping you with some of our best youth football fundraising ideas very soon.

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