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Texas fundraising ideas for Hurricane Harvey

Are you looking for Texas Fundraising ideas to help the people of Houston?

Hurricane Harvey, the tropical cyclone that dropped 42″ of water and created catastrophic flooding on Houston, Texas will be remembered for many years to come.

On August 26, 2017 category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with 130 mph winds. That means this is the first hurricane to hit the state of Texas since Hurricane Ike in 2008, and the strongest one to hit the state since Hurricane Carla back in 1961.


How bad is the Hurricane Harvey damage so far?

Wikipedia reports show at least 14 confirmed deaths in the United States.

Catastrophic inland flooding is ongoing in the Greater Houston area. FEMA director Brock Long is calling Harvey the worst disaster in Texas history. He expects the recovery to take many years to come. So far, preliminary estimates of economic losses range anywhere from $10 billion to $40 billion, with some predictions up to $60 billion.


Here is the scary part…


The NY Times reports that for some reason Houston did not order evacuations before the storm. This has caused countless people to be trapped in their flooding homes. The coast guard has had to rescue people off their roofs. Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, calls Harvey “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” and said the region would not recover anytime soon.


What can you do to help the people of Houston?

Trustworthy fundraising ideas for Hurricane Harvey

Here at we know the importance of giving to good causes. That is why we are recommending that your donations go to the Red Cross.


Unfortunately, unscrupulous con artists will use the storm as an excuse to create hurricane relief fundraising scams. That is why it is important to only give to reputable fundraisers like the Red Cross. They are a first responder organization that assesses the needs of the poor families that are suffering during a natural disaster. They know what is needed and will make sure that the funds are used wisely.


So here’s our advice… Skip the middleman and send your money directly to the Red Cross. Your gift, no matter how small, will help.


Together we can make a difference and help those that need it the most.