What Things can I Sell for Fundraising?

So What can I Sell for Fundraising? We Have Ideas For You!

If you are curious about what you can sell for a fundraising, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Fundraising Zone we have plenty of ways for you to raise money. Some of these ways are great for schools, sports teams, nonprofits and youth groups. Others can be adapted and used to help individuals raise money.

So what can I sell for fundraising? Fasten your seat belt because we have a lot to share with you!

What can I sell for fundraising? Free fundraising products

So where could you get free fundraising products from? This will require a little bit of ingenuity on your part. However, there are many free fundraising products that you can sell as you will soon see.

So here are some great free fundraising items to sell.

#1: Ask people to donate free items to your garage sale fundraiser

I bet you have items in your garage, basement or closet that you no longer use. Perhaps you won’t throw them away because they’re still good items. However, you might consider donating them if it was to a good cause, wouldn’t you?

There are many people in your family and neighborhood that would be happy to donate free items for your fundraiser. All you have to do is to ask them. If you could help people to feel good about donating to a good cause, many will be happy to help you.

Then you can simply price the merchandise for your garage sale. If you sell them for an affordable price, don’t you think people would be happy to buy them? Of course they will! Because they were donated to you your nonprofit organization gets to keep all of the profits.

#2: Ask people to donate free baked goodies to your bake sale fundraiser

Just suppose you asked the moms in your PTA to donate goodies to your bake sale. Each mom brings cookies, cupcakes, muffins etc. Then you can hold a big sale day at school. And because you got all of the baked goods for free, your school would earn all of the profits.

#3: Ask business owners to donate free products or services for your auction or raffle fundraiser

Savvy business owners understand the lifetime value of a customer. For instance, a massage therapist understands that a satisfied client will come in monthly for the next 5 years. That means a new client can be worth up to $5,000 for them over the next few years. Can you see why they might offer a free 60 minute massage for their customers?

You can use these type things as auction items. You can sell raffle tickets and then keep all the money. This is because you’re getting the massage for free. You can then gift those that didn’t win a discount on a massage. This way everyone wins!

Additionally, this works well with local restaurants. You can take these items and turn them into a discount card or scratch card for discounts.

What can I sell for fundraising?

We have some amazing opportunities for you!

Finally, did you know that we can also provide you free fundraising products to sell?

 Many small groups are surprised at this offer.

How does it work?

Just suppose you got everything you needed to sell things for a fundraiser.

Even the items you need to sell.

How can we afford to do this? It is because we trust you.

 We make online fundraising easy.

First, you will get your free fundraising brochures in the mail. And yes, we even cover the postage for you. You then show the brochures to your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. If they like what they see, they pay you for the fundraising merchandise. You then send us payment for the fundraising items, and you get to keep the difference.

Can you think of anything better than this? A proven follow by number fundraising system.

But you might be wondering what can I sell for fundraising? That’s a great question.

Fun things to sell for fundraisers

If you going to sell something, then you might as well sell something that people want to buy, right? And most people like fun things don’t they?

Don’t believe me?

What are some things that you like to buy just because they are fun?

  • Do you treat yourself to a cup of coffee every day?
  • Do you ever grab yourself a candy bar or trail mix for a snack?
  • Or do you ever snack on popcorn or cookies?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are like most people. Most people like to treat themselves every once in a while. And there is nothing wrong with that, is there?

Now here is the best part. Each of these items can be sold to raise money for your students, sports team or youth group. And we can then help you to do this successfully while you earn up to 50% on every sale. Our fun fundraising ideas are very profitable.

Fundraising products for schools

 Here at Fundraising Zone we have dozens of fun school fundraising items you can sell.

There is something for every type of school fundraiser you may want to have.

So why are you looking for fundraising products for your school to sell? 

Are you raising money for:

  • Your school sports team?
  • New books or computers for the school library?
  • A school class trip?
  • New playground equipment?
  • The senior prom or a school dance?

Plus there may be dozens of other reasons your school may need to raise money.

The point is this. You need to raise money. And we have an easy way to help you do this selling FUN stuff.

What can I sell for fundraising?

Try Gourmet Popcorn

Our gourmet popcorn fundraiser is great for schools and school teams. AND yes! You get everything for free to succeed.

  • You get free popcorn brochures.
  • AND You get free mailing envelopes too.
  • An amazing prize incentive program.
  • You can also qualify for free shipping too.
  • Finally, you get delicious gourmet popcorn for only $7.

Oh and by the way, did we mention your school can earn up to a 50% profit on every sale?

 Call us to schedule a free coaching call to learn about these easy fundraising ideas..

What can I sell for fundraising?

Try Gourmet Cookie Dough

Do you remember eating home made chocolate chip cookies as a child? Maybe mom even let you lick the spoon afterwards!

Now you can experience this again while helping your friends and family enjoy this at the same time. Imagine selling 2 pounds of gourmet cookie dough for only $10 while earning up to $5 on every sale. Our cookie dough fundraiser is very popular with schools.

 Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

What’s your favorite cookie flavor? Peanut butter? Chocolate chip? Oatmeal?

 We have 8 amazing flavors to choose from. Your customers will also love the fact that these cookies contain no trans fats or preservatives.

What can I sell for fundraising?

Try gift wrap this holiday season!

Did you know that schools and teams have had phenomenal success selling wrapping paper during every holiday season? You get free brochures with affordably priced, amazing holiday themed gift wrap and presents.

 Can you see why this gift wrap fundraiser for schools is so successful?

Your friends and family will be purchasing these items anyway, right? When you sell gift wrap for fundraising, you actually help them out big time.

Remember, they will go shopping for these items anyway, right? So, when you use the winter wonderland brochure, you help your friends save time and money. All they have to do is pick out the fundraising items they want and pay you for them. You can use their money to pay for the items. We will ship them out to you ASAP with plenty of time for the holiday season.

Best of all, your non-profit group can earn up to a 50% profit on every sale. Your school can earn thousands of dollars selling wrapping paper this year. All you have to do is order your free fundraising kit to get started. A fundraiser coach will help you to pick the right fundraising brochure for your organization.

So what can you sell for fundraising?

It is limited only by your imagination.

Seriously! This is because we have dozens of fundraising items from cinnamon rolls to pretzel making kits, and everything else in between.

Allow us the opportunity to teach you how to sell for fundraising the easy way. Our clients come back to us year after year to raise money for their organization.

Why is this ? Because we have a simple proven process to help schools, sports teams and youth groups raise cash. When schools follow our program they can’t help but successfully raise the money they need. We would like to show you how easily you can do this too.

In conclusion, did you know that we offer a free coaching call for groups just like yours?

Together we can brainstorm the perfect brochure to help you to reach fundraising goal.

Again, the call is free. Why not reach out to talk to a fundraising expert today?

And finally, together we can help you answer the question… “What can I sell for fundraising?”