Why Do Elementary Schools Raise Money?

Elementary schools raise money — Why?

Perhaps you are a parent with a child in elementary school. Maybe your children have just come home with a letter from their teacher talking about an upcoming school fundraiser. It is only natural you might be wondering… why do elementary schools raise money?

Of course every school has its own reasons based on its own specific needs. For example, here are three of the more popular reasons:

1- Playground updates

Some schools choose to update their playground equipment.

For instance, many schools choose to install handicap accessible playground equipment for their students with special needs. As you can imagine, this equipment is specialized and it can be quite expensive. A school fundraiser can provide the funds necessary so every child can enjoy playing in the playground.

Other schools need to replace old and damaged playground equipment. Such as:

  • Monkey bars
  • Swing sets
  • Seesaws
  • Some schools invest in new rubber padding underneath the equipment in case a child falls while playing.

2- Technology upgrades

The second reason many elementary schools raise money is to pay for technology updates.

Here are just a few:

  • WiFi routers and wi-fi repeater upgrades. In this way WiFi is available and accessible to every student in every class room.
  • Additionally, there are classroom computers, laptops, tablets.
  • Finally, there are software programs including games for learning.

3- School trips.

For some children the only chance they will ever get to go to a library or a zoo will be through the public school system. School trips open up children’s minds and imagination to a whole new world out there.

Why can’t every parent just pay for their own child to go?

Unfortunately, many young children of single parents struggle to pay for the necessities of life. This means there is no extra money for school trips.

When a school raises money for a class trip, then every child can go and enjoy themselves.

As you can imagine all of this costs money. So where does the money come from?

Why are fundraisers important in schools?

You might think it’s easy for schools to get money for necessary upgrades and trips like these. After all, can’t they just request it from the school board or from the state government?

Many people believe this is how it works. Unfortunately, school budgets have been cut across the United States. This mean that there is no money in the budget for any extras or upgrades.

So if the school wants extras, upgrades or to pay for extra curricular activities like the arts or trips, they will have to raise the money for themselves.

So why are fundraisers important to schools?

Simply put…

Elementary school fundraisers provide the opportunities for our children to experience and receive a well rounded education. This means its up to every parent parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, and neighbor to help their children get the best chance to succeed in life.

How do fundraisers help elementary school students?

So how do fundraisers help elementary school students?

They help to prepare children for life in the real world.

1- School fundraisers help children understand that they are not owed anything in life. Instead, if they want something they have to be willing to work for it to make it happen.

2- School fundraising teaches children that it’s OK to ask for help. Additionally, they learn that together as a community we can solve problems that are often too big for one person to take on.

3- Students learn how to set and reach goals. For instance, our fundraising brochures, come with a free prize incentive program. A child can choose the prize they want from the catalog. Together with their parents they can set a goal for how many fundraising items they need to sell to reach their goal.

Furthermore, there is satisfaction from working together as a team to reach a larger goal for your school. This is an an amazing lesson that will help shape them as adults and help them the rest of their life.

What is the best fundraiser for elementary schools?

Of course every elementary school situation is unique.

Sometimes the answer can be as simple as reaching out to a business in your community and asking them if they would like to donate to the solution to your problem.

For instance, a computer hardware company might have some older models of computers they no longer can sell. By donating them to your school, they can get the full retail value to write off on their taxes. Additionally, they will receive the good will that comes from doing a nice deed in the community. Remember to offer to reach out to your local news reporters to talk about their donation and how it will help your students.

Other times an elementary school might need cash to pay for the solution the school needs. PTA’s have tried all kinds of ways to raise money for their students needs, anywhere from car washes, to garage sales, to collecting pennies, or even selling cookie dough.

Elementary schools across the nation have had a lot of success with fundraising brochures like the ones you’ll see here.

What are the most profitable fundraisers for elementary schools?

Among the most profitable fundraising ideas for elementary schools include selling products like:

  • Gourmet popcorn
  • Gift wrap
  • Gourmet cookie dough
  • Gourmet coffee

Your school can earn up to a 50% profit on every sale.

How do you ask for donations?

This is the easiest part.

We recommend the school send a letter home with the students to their parents. The fundraising letter can tell the reason why you’re raising money and how you’ll be doing it.

For instance, let’s say you chose our $8 gourmet popcorn brochure.

  • Tell them why you need to have a fundraiser.
  • Remind them how this will benefit their child.
  • Include a photo of the popcorn catalog.
  • Tell them when the fundraiser will begin and end.
  • Finally, tell them what they need to do to help and make a difference.

If you would like help designing a custom parent fundraising letter, feel free to contact us.If you would like help designing a custom parent fundraising letter, feel free to contact us.

Our brochures will do all of the work for you. Show the brochure to your friends and family. Then tell them why you are raising money.

Why Do Elementary Schools Raise Money?

As you can see, there are many reasons why an elementary school might need to raise money. Of course every school is different. However, every school PTA faces a similar challenge.

So in conclusion, by working together, students, parents, family, neighbors and coworkers can help make a difference in the lives of young people.