Yankee Tickets to Golf Games – School Fundraising Ideas in New York

Yankee Tickets to Golf Games – School Fundraising Ideas in New York

You Are Going To Love These Unique Elementary School Fundraising Ideas From NYC

These school fundraising ideas in New York are sure to raise a few eyebrows. Imagine using Lasik Surgery, 4 tickets to a Yankee game & a private golf tournament at a swanky resort as ways to raise money for your school supplies.

These PTA members view elementary school fundraising as serious business.

PS 116 has a great reputation. The teachers & the quality of the teaching make this a popular school in NYC. As a result, the parents of new students are eager to come on board and raise money for the school.

Notice what Falu Shah, the vice president of external fundraising for P.S. 116’s PTA  says about this.

“A lot of parents are very happy to help. Everybody — at least for the final fundraiser, the auction  — gets involved. This includes a lot of parents who not regular PTA. We want to encourage parents to do this because you don’t have to come regularly but at least for this one thing where our school depends on your funding.”

How successful have they been? How about $243,000 in 2016? Apparently these elementary school fundraising ideas really work! That is a lot of money that can be used for new computers, band equipment, school supplies etc.

We don’t have to tell you that government funding has been cut for school programs. Not only in NY, but all over the nation. This forces schools to look at fundraising to make up the difference.

How can you use these New York elementary school fundraising ideas?

  • Get involved in your PTA or PTO.
  • Network with local businesses in your school’s neighborhoods. Many of these business owners had children that went to your school or perhaps even went to the school when they were kids themselves.
  • Remember that businesses are willing to donate products or services and can write these off of their taxes. So you will be helping them feel good about helping your school while saving them on their tax bill.
  • Hold a school fundraising auction for all of the donated items.
  • Rinse and repeat annually.
  • Combine this with using some of our best school fundraising catalogs.

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