You NEVER Stop Being A Mom

Being a Good Mom Never Stops..!

You Never Stop Being A Mom

How old are you when you stop being a mother?  Because you never stop being a good mom

Ask Ada Keating. She is 98 years old and recently moved into the same care residence as her 80 year old son Tom.

Tom always lived with his mom and never married. There came a point in his life though when he needed more care than his mom could provide for him. That is when he moved into the Moss View Care home back in 2016.

Mom and son reunited

Apparently Ada missed having Tom home to look after. So recently, she just moved into the Moss View Care home herself. At last mom and son are back together again.

The two are inseparable as they eat and enjoy playing games together. Mom even stops by his room to say good night each evening.

At 98 years old Ada is still going strong. Having someone to love and care for is probably the reason why.

Yes … Ada says, “You NEVER stop being a mom!”