Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas - Kids playing with volleyball

Your Attitude – The KEY To Sports Fundraising Success

Did you know that your attitude can make all the difference in the world with your next cheerleading fundraiser or sports team fundraising event? In fact it is one of the most important things to ensure your success.

So, here are four tips to improve your fundraising success.

1) Enthusiasm

There is an old saying, “Enthusiasm is contagious”.

So, if you are not enthusiastic about your fundraiser, then your potential donors will not be either.   Now you know why it is so important to get your nonprofit, small group, sports team or cheer team involved early as possible in the process.

Your volunteers need to understand:

  • First of all, why are you even having the fundraiser?
  • Can they easily explain this reason to others?
  • How will the money raised benefit them personally?

So, one of the secrets to get your volunteers involved is by holding contests and by having them recognized by their peers.

That is why we suggest having a prize contest. These are very effective for getting your students motivated to sell. Pizza parties for the team or the class with the most sales have also been effective for school fundraisers..

Finally, providing them with the top award with recognition at an assembly day or putting their name in the school newsletter or website can go a long way to motivate some students.

Think of how excited you are when on the playing field. That is the type of energy you need to bring to every person you show your fundraising brochures to.

2) Practice! Practice! Practice!

You only have one chance to make a FIRST impression. So, NEVER PRACTICE on a customer! The best time to practice is at home or with your non profit group. Break up into teams to help each other practice. You want to aim for friendly, natural and enthusiastic.

3) Do your homework

Who are you targeting to buy products or donate to your cause?

People are busy. So, make an appointment and respect their time.

We also suggest personalizing your pitch to the individual.

For example:

  • Are they alumni of your school? Then appeal to their school spirit.
  • Were they former cheerleaders or football players? Then appeal to the similarities that you share.
  • Are they a local business? Then appeal to how you can give them publicity and exposure to new customers.

Do you have a brochure or a flyer that you can leave with them? Remember to leave your contact info with them.

4) Manners count!

Most people want to feel appreciated. So remember to always say please and thank you. The keyword is “ALWAYS”.

You can do this when you are making your appointment and when you are leaving the appointment. You can also do this with a phone call and email too. Finally, look for ways to PUBLICLY thank people. You can do this on facebook, a video,  or on your website.

Your attitude is only 50% of winning the battle. The other 50% is having a solid fundraising blueprint to follow.

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